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Corporate with Jérémie Boulay


TypoX is a recherche project which aims to democratise the digital writing.

TypoX is initiated from diploma research in ENSCI Les-Ateliers. The research aims to present emotional and personalized characters onto the digital objects. The current typefaces provide us a standard and effective communication, however, we had to sacrifice valuable informations in handwriting traces (personality, emotions and aesthetic senses) due to the technical restriction.

In order to free ourself from the limits of standard typefaces, TypoX provide a virtual keyboard with typeface library, this keyboard can personalize the shape of typefaces with our preferable typing gestures. TypoX precisely analyze on how user touches the letter (position, duration, move…) and reshapes the original typeface in real time (applicable for all typefaces). 


People posses different habits, more specifically the touch movements and fingerworks, on typing. By visualizing those differences, TypoX outputs the text with personal characters, moreover, it allows users to adapt the gestures to create their own style. 


When chatting in messengers, or writing a special mail, users can express the emotions by shaping the words as we do in writing on paper. It also can be used as a simple graphic creation tool for non-professionals, like create a simple logo or a diner menu in a particular style.

We are keep studying the typing actions and the deformation... ...

The demo version is avaliable at,