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Digital / Interactif installation

Partnership: Huawei, ENSCI Les-ateliers


'Touchin' is a device which transform the message to a physical shape, and offer us a poetic way to feel the information.

The communication between human is not just about the text, the image, the voice, it’s an exchange of the logical thoughts and the emotional feelings. 


The ink dropped into the water bringing an audio message comes from the friend, this drop spread and create the message a physical shape. The sound evolved by the change of ink.  By touching the different places on this shape, our finger can lead us to the different positions in the message, instead of following a chronological order. In this case, an audio message becomes to a real interactive object.

‘Touchin’ combined an analog process into the logical programme. The ink becomes a new mediator between digital information and human, the endless changement of ink makes the information more sensitive and spiritual. With this no-electronic mediator, the contact between humain and device becomes to a more nature and enjoyable experience. 

Superviser: Pascal Valty

                     Roland Cahen

                     Mathilde Maître