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Partnership: Société du Grand Paris

ENSCI Les-ateliers

Signe objet

'Signe Objet' is a series of street objects which combine the signage to guide people find the metro station near by

'Signe Objet' is a concept of signage system for the extension of rapid transit lines in Paris. The objectif is to show the identity of the Grand Paris lines, and to guide people find the new stations without adding more objects on the street.


'Signe Objet' combines the signage with a series of regular functional objects like the barrier, the bike parking... The original objets around the station are scatteredly replaced by the new one, which point the direction of the station. The density of objects change according to the distance to the destination, so people can notice that they are approaching the station.

Superviser: Matthew Sindall

                     Sarngsan Na Soontorn