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Digital / Interactif installation

With: Antoine Lecharny

Partnership: ENSCI Les-ateliers


'Shuisheng' is a playful installation which create an interaction with the sound using the drop of water.

'Shuisheng' is an experimental project using conductive ink, it provide a playful sound interaction with simple and friendly interface: water and paper.

Water is relatively conductive. When the droplet encounters a pattern made of two intertwined electrodes (conductive ink), it closes a circuit between them: a sound is played. Each pattern has a different sound, the volume and the rythme depending on the amount of water. Each time, il end up with different sound combinations and different graphic results.

Superviser: Raphaël Pluvinage

                     Juliette Gelli

                     Flavien Berger

                     Noémie Lesatre