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Partnership: EDITIS éducation, ENSCI Les-ateliers

Classe dehors

'Classe Dehors' is a mobile furniture for quickly building a learning space in plural environments.

In this digitalized world where the information can be easily took, education should be seen as a co-construct social process. As a result, La Classe Dehors strives to promote the exit of the class into the specific contexts and to integrate learning within a particular social and physical environment.

By minimizing the elements that make up the classroom, La Classe Dehors offers mobile equipment to quickly build a learning space where children can then face different contexts. The equipment provide three main functions that make the class: stools and lockers make up the workspace, the blackboard is the center of attention, and the cones signal and delimit to the public the existence of a learning space.

La CLasse Dehors is a concept for EDITIS éducation in partnership with ENSCI - Les Ateliers. The subject was the connected classroom that imagines the future classroom. The project was prototyped and successfully tested during the event «futur en seine» 2014 at the Gaîté Lyrique, Paris. The projects as a whole won the annual prize «Made With» 

Superviser: Stéphane Villard

                     Pascal Valty

                     Patrick De Glo De Besses

                     Mathilde Maître